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Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee

Wingate Institute Netanya Israel
Noam zwi

Noam Zwi

Head of Organizing Committee
Shay Shacner

Shay Schachner

Chairman of the Israel Swimming Association
Michael Katz

Michael Katz- CEO
Tel 972-9-8639519
Fax 972-9-8851969
Cel 972-522-781356
Orly Cohen

Orly Cohen- Head office
Tel 972-54-3453010
Hadar Ben Dror

Hadar Ben Dror – Security trustee and airport reception
Tel 972-54-4230300
Itzik Malul

Itzik Malul – Head of Protocol
Tel 972-52-8904016
Moshe Gat

Moshe Gat - Head of Logistics and Chief of Security
Tel 972-54-2639011
Gil Lebanoni

Gil Lebanoni – Head of Media
Tel 972-54-5320220
Dorit Limor

Dorit Limor – Volunteers Director
Tel 972-50-5300459
Prof Naama Constantini

Prof Naama Constantini - Head Medical Services
Tel 972-52-2783615